Optimal Doug Build in Brawl Stars: Powers, Gadgets & Tips

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Doug is a valuable mythic brawler in Brawl Stars, known for his unique ability to both inflict damage on opponents and provide healing support to allies, making him a crucial addition to any lineup. Having Doug on your team can offer a strategic advantage in team battles.


Doug is a valuable mythic brawler in Brawl Stars, known for his unique ability to both inflict damage on opponents and provide healing support to allies. His playstyle offers a strategic advantage in team battles, making him a crucial addition to any lineup.

In the fast-paced world of Brawl Stars, having a support brawler like Doug on your team can make a significant impact. With the capability to not only deal considerable damage but also offer healing to teammates, Doug's versatility sets him apart.

One of Doug's notable strengths lies in his ability to inflict damage by leaping onto his enemies, eliminating the need for precise aiming. This distinctive feature allows him to effectively engage with adversaries who seek refuge behind obstacles, giving him an edge in combat.

For those seeking to optimize Doug's performance, here are the essential components for the best Doug build in Brawl Stars:

  • Best Doug Gadget: Extra Mustard (Enhances the next attack by doubling the damage inflicted on enemies, while forfeiting the healing effect on allies.)

  • Best Doug Gear 1: Gadget Charge (Acquire an additional charge for Doug's gadget, amplifying his tactical options during battles.)

  • Best Doug Gear 2: Damage (Grants a 15% increase in damage output when Doug's health falls below 50%, providing a critical advantage in challenging situations.)

These key elements combine to form the optimal Doug build, empowering players to harness his abilities to their fullest potential and make a substantial impact in Brawl Stars matches.Doug, the support hero in Brawl Stars, comes with a powerful set of abilities to aid his team in battles. Here's how you can optimize Doug's build for maximum effectiveness:

  • Star Power: Doug's "Self Service" star power allows his primary attack to heal him for 20% of the maximum damage he deals to his enemies.

  • Gadget: "Extra Mustard" stands out as the top gadget for Doug. It empowers him to deal double damage to enemies with his primary attack, providing an advantage when allies are not nearby. However, it does not offer healing to allies.

  • Gears: The ideal gears for Doug include "Extra Gadgets" and "Damage". "Extra Gadgets" grants one additional charge to the "Extra Mustard" gadget, while "Damage" boosts the primary attack's damage by 15% when Doug is below 50% health.

These components combined create a formidable Doug build in Brawl Stars, enhancing his ability to support the team while dealing significant damage to enemies.

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